Tuesday, December 16, 2008

one stroke stair - ben

A rough idea I came up based on a flexible structure. Each steps are connected and makes a loop. They will turn from steps into handrails or maybe tables, chairs and so on...

A flexible structure is a structure that prevents collapse by letting their self shake instead of being stiff. The pagoda temple in Japan was the only building that didn't collapse through many earthquakes.

The material needs to be hard and non-deforming. Steel seems to be available. Welding joints would be better from non-deforming compared to bolting. But if there is a material lighter and stiffer, the better it is.

process movie - ben

this is an example process we go through (not always).
1.We start off with an easy sketch on a paper.
2.Model it in MAYA.
3.Revise it thinking about the light, structure, circulation, site, programs and so on with certain programs... Also using scripts to save our time.
4.Once the geometry is done we go through Rhino, AutoCAD and Illustrator to do our linedrawings.
5.In the mean time we set our movie renderings on a differnt computer(30images/sec).
6.When the rendering is done we edit it with PremierPro and AfterEffect or FinalCut.

I have used the eames chair as an example in this movie.
If there is a strong program to meet our demands we will not hesitate to use them. If analog is better we will also apply to it as well (such as physical models and sketches).

used programs
MAYA, Rhino, AutoCAD, Maxwell, Ecotech, CATIA, Magic, Adobe and our hands...

3rd semester done - ben

The assignmet was to design two facads.

key words
calm exubrance
union of polar opposite